Security Screening

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service if you have a property which is going to be vacant and needs to be protected by an inexpensive barrier to entry. Screening is charged by the panel  and can be rented on weekly basis for a minimum of 12 weeks.


We charge an installation charge and then a weekly rental at £10.00 per screen. We can offer an on-site survey to get a thorough risk assessment of what is needed to keep a property "squatter free".


Traditionally this service is used by our High Court Enforcement Officer team to secure a property after we had evicted occupants under a Writ of Possession.  In an aftermath of an eviction, a property can be at risk of re-entry for anything between 2 – 48 hours of people breaking back inside. 


Today we offer the service as soon as a customer needs to secure a void property that could be at risk of being used by squatters or activists as a place to set up a home/camp.


Shergroup Security will respond immediately to the need to have a property secured using pre-fabricated steel screening which is custom fit on-site,  A phone call to our Business Solutions Team gets our service underway.  We provide screening for each window that is fitted with minimum damage to the window frame. 


We can offer an on-site survey and offer a thorough risk assessment of what is needed to keep a property "squatter free". 


One call to our Business Solutions Advisors will get you started on the road to screening your property and protecting it for the medium to long-term, in  a very cost effective way.  

Security Screening

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