Removal of Trespassers

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service to remove trespassers from open land where they have set up an unauthorised encampment.  It may be a field, or a car park, or some other open space where they have towed their caravans and vehicles on to your land without your permission.


There are two responses you can make to such an incursion.


Use Your Common Law Rights as a Landowner

Use Your Common Law Rights as a Landowner to remove trespassers without the need to go to Court.


Using our national eviction team, we can send a crew of trusted and experienced certificated enforcement agents to remove the trespassers within hours.  This service is the best way to avoid the need for expensive court proceedings.  Members of the travelling community know that once we are involved the landowner is on a path to seeking possession and accept it is better to leave and move on rather than waiting for a Court Order to be served. 


Our process follows 3 simple steps |

  • Serve the trespassers with a Shergroup Eviction Notice which will stipulate the time they must vacate – we aim to serve this within 24 hours or next working day
  • The Eviction Notice is served an enforcement agent attending the site, and at the same time it gives the enforcement agent the opportunity to risk assess the number of people, vehicles and caravans on site to then determine the level of manpower and tow trucks we need to remove the trespassers if we have to escalate the threat level
  • If the trespassers do not start to pack up and move on, we will be encouraging them to do so and if they are visibly entrenched we will take steps to ensure they are off the site by the deadline stipulated in our Notice of Eviction


Use a High Court Writ of Possession

However if we are looking at a more entrenched situation, with a risk of physical resistance or violence, or other risks recorded in our risk assessment report, we will recommend that a land owner issues a claim for possession, obtains an order for possession and then converts this possession order into a High Court Writ of Possession.  This then gives our High Court Enforcement Officers the powers they need to remove trespassers with the protection of the Writ, and a statutory right to call on police support to maintain a peaceful eviction.  


We offer a complete end to end service to issue a Claim for Possession, obtain an Order, and enforce the same, including serving of Notices for a fixed fee. 


Which Option is Right for Your Situation?

You will be pleased to know that our Business Solutions Advisors will be able to identify from your initial conversation whether a common law eviction is right for situation.  In 90% of cases it is certainly an option that landowners try first to see if they can avoid legal proceedings. 


To get started on this service we will need |

  • Your full details including your name, email and contact number
  • Any paperwork you want to upload about your situation such as a site map or correspondence
  • We do not want any original paperwork at this stage - so please don't try to send us any!

Removal of Trespassers

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