​Transfer Your Possession Order  to the High Court

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service if you have a Possession Order from the County Court but you don’t have permission to enforce that Order in the High Court.


Under current Coronavirus Regulations, claimants who have a possession order in their favour can only enforce Orders which meet certain conditions. 


At the current time, outstanding Warrants or Writs of Possession can only be enforced in England if the court is satisfied they relate to an order for possession within one of the exemptions in Regulation 2 of the Public Health (Coronavirus) (Protection from Eviction and Taking Control of Goods) (England) Regulations 2021 or in Wales if the court is satisfied they relate to an order for possession within one of the exemptions in Regulation 2 of The Public Health (Protection from Eviction) (Wales) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2021.


These conditions remain in place until 21 February 2021 and will be reviewed after that date. 


If you have a Possession Order in one of these classes you can apply TODAY to the County Court for permission to enforce the Order using a High Court Enforcement Officer.


The advantage of transferring to the High Court is that there are no backlogs and eviction dates can be booked to suit your timetable. 


Our service will help you make an application to a District Judge for permission to transfer your County Court Order for Possession to the High Court.  It is unfortunately not a guaranteed outcome, but we find that for some landlords and claimants in our community, that is a step they are prepared to take to see if they can avoid the delays in the county court system.


An application is made to the Court where you obtained your Order.  We will provide an application drafted by our sister company, Shergroup Legal, together with a supporting Witness Statement setting out how you have been adversely impacted by the COVID crisis.  We will then file the documents at the Court.  We will manage the hearing, and organise representation for you. 


The all-inclusive charge for this service is £999 including VAT and all court fees and other disbursements.


If the District Judge is persuaded to make the Order to transfer the proceedings, you can then use our Residential Possession Package to carry out the eviction


This is charged separately and is booked through this link |



​Transfer Your Possession Order  to the High Court

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