Risk Assessments and Property Inspections

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service to proactively manage risks that must be managed by combining what makes us human… our instincts, our training, our ability to make judgment calls… with technologies that pick up where human abilities have limits.


Having built our reputation for managing risk by dealing with some of the toughest protest sites in the UK we have developed a unique capability to identify hazards ranging from working at height, dealing with drugs, managing power lines, and even digging people out of makeshift tunnels.


Building operational plans to deal with these situations has led us to create our risk assessment service which is based on the US and UK standards for health and safety management.


We help our clients understand the risks of doing business in a range of situations, from dealing with security issues through to…


Making the right choice


Using state of the art risk assessment software, and the benefit of our exacting standards – Shergroup will assess the vulnerabilities, potential hazards and possibility of threats for any organization, premise or event.


From office environments, and server rooms, through to parks, hotels and even power plants and airports, our approach to processing risk works across the business landscape.


From our walk through assessment, we design the best possible comprehensive solution to mitigate the risks that we identify.


It is this balance of marrying our unique insight on risk assessment to effective technology that gives clients peace of mind that they’ve made the right choices for their asset protection needs.


The Process


More than a site survey, Shergroup provides a comprehensive security compliance assessment. We work with your team to input your unique data into our automated survey management program, which examines five variable functions:


  • Assets to be protected
  • Potential threats to those assets
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Loss potential, both direct and indirect including human, resource and monetary losses
  • Existing safeguards




Risk has a cost. We quantify the cost and provide a recommendation that supports your security budgeting needs while ensuring a positive return on your investment, plugging existing cash leaks and ensuring continuous risk management through monitoring systems and support so that risk is eliminated or significantly reduced.


Long-term Benefits


Because Shergroup is in the business of providing both human security services as well as implementing advanced security technologies, an ongoing risk management plan is intrinsic to our services.


Essentially the people we provide are continuously our reporters in the field, and when a new risk or potential risk pops up, they can report back immediately, we can assess the risk and make recommendations to mitigate it.


It’s a long-term partnership that you can count on to keep you in front of your risk… not just reacting to it.


Let Shergroup provide you with a through risk assessment today!


Risk Assessments and Property Inspections

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