Monitored Alarms

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service to protect empty property, before or after you have taken advantage of our eviction services. 


Shergroup started offering alarm systems to protect property where we had taken back possession under a High Court Writ of Possession.  We found that evicting the occupants they would often try to get back into a property and re-establish their home.  As a result, our clients were going to the cost of evicting people, only to find they had found a way back in and would have to be evicted again. 


So, it didn’t take long for us to realise that our clients needed cost-effective solutions to manage an empty property situation for the short, medium, or long term after an eviction project. Manned guarding was not always the answer and due to the cost-effectiveness of the alarms, these could be a useful addition to the overall security plan.


Today we can offer clients a SOLO ALARM system which is wire-free, stand alone, and does not require to be connected to a telephone line.  Instead, each alarm is connected to the mobile phone network for their signal and connectivity. They can be installed on the site within 20 minutes of the engineer reaching the address.


An upgrade to the SOLO ALARM is the VERIFIED VIDEO ALARM which on activation sends a short-encrypted video clip of any detected intrusion to base and to mobile phones of those that need to know.  This can then be acted on by the client and/or the security team

Additional wireless detectors can also be installed and configured to both alarms to detect movement, smoke, fire, water, gas, and broken glass.


Over the years we have installed these alarms in abandoned snooker halls, vacant factories, and in hotels which have closed and are awaiting a new management team to come in and take over.

The battery life for all types of installed alarm devices is 4 years giving a longer-term solution so properties which are awaiting demolition, planning permissions, or are simply abandoned and need to have a minimum standard of security.  


Call us on 0845 890 9200 or live chat on our website so we can talk about your exact requirements.  We offer a free risk assessment to review your site(s) to upgrade your security plan. 


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Monitored Alarms

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