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PRODUCT INFO | Use this product page to source and install CCTV on any site in the UK using our specialist partners.


In building our security business, we have often been asked to source a complete security solution which includes CCTV. From commercial property that is waiting for its next tenant, to a hotel which has been closed for refurbishment, our clients choose Shergroup as a trusted partner to work out what CCTV is needed and then see it installed.


Often our clients come to us because we have handled a linked piece of business, such as an eviction under a High Court Writ of Possession.


Whatever the reason for contacting us, when it comes to putting CCTV in place our clients know we will get the job done as

  • The advantage of this tech is that it helps landlords and owners to manage their property from a unique vantage point. We can offer a number of flexible options to cover different types of site based on location, access to mains electricity (or not), and other factors.
  • CCTV from Shergroup comes as a permanent solution, or a temporary solution working on batteries, as well as mobile and tower CCTV solutions utilising solar power where connection to mains electricity is not possible.
  • CCTV provides 24-hour surveillance at a lower cost base if it is used as the entire security solution. Alternatively, it can be part of a wider security plan to support the security guarding operation.


Our Business Solutions Advisors will provide the continuity you need in terms of “point person” to discuss any aspect of your CCTV operation to ensure you are fully updated on what is happening at site, and to ensure the information you need is provided in the right format.


We in turn use specialist partners to complete the installation and monitoring, while we handle the service as part of your business with Shergroup.


To implement CCTV as part of a security plan, we offer a risk assessment of the area. We then offer our recommendations on how to monitor and or protect a site. Once we have an agreement on the best solution, we will provide a form quotation for the service.


To get started call or contact our Business Solutions TEAM and start a conversation about your CCTV requirements.

CCTV Systems

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