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If you have a commercial property site which is vacant, derelict, void, risky or isolated then security dogs (aka K9s) can provide a strong deterrent to trespassers along with their trained handler.

Shergroup’s Security division started K9 services over a decade ago when it became apparent that putting a security officer 2 man team into a remote or derelict site was neither safe or cost effective for our clients.

We often work with sites which have been cleared of trespassers using Shergroup’s enforcement capability under a High Court Writ of Possession, and the site is going on to be redeveloped or boarded up until a buyer is found.

So “Sherdogs” has become our No 1 solution when it comes to providing a strong security presence in difficult spots.

The immediate benefit to a client when trying to secure valuable for remote or isolated sites with a strong security presence, is the saving on the cost of human guards.

One security dog and a handler can do the same job as two security guards for two thirds of the price.

And from a managing risk point of view, the security officer is better protected in many cases when accompanied by a trained K9.


With their K9 skill set, our Sherdogs can smell, and anticipate changes in environment well before a human is able to detect an emerging risk.

A Sherdog’s sense of small is 40 x more sensitive than a human. A Sherdog’s hearing is 4x faster than a human.

These K9 skills enable a handler to respond to a threat or call for back up.

When the intruder approaches, then a trained Security Dog under the control of its handler presents a very strong deterrent.

And finally, Sherdogs know how to run and are trained to apprehend someone trying to run away from a scene.

We use trained K9s who can achieve speeds of 15-20 mph when running to catch a person.

The average trespasser is not quite so fast!

Shergroup dog handlers can be equipped with body worn cameras to record activity on a site.

This capability ensures we capture a contemporaneous report of what happened at any given time.

CCTV can provide a similar service, but with a Dog Unit you have the surveillance and the protection on site for as many hours of the day as needed to prevent intrusion.

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