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PRODUCT INFO | Read an example of a resume for a Search Engine Optimisation Subject Matter Expert. This increasingly important role will help keep your brand and organisation rising through the search engines to ensure more people have “eyeballs” on your product or service.
Shergroup candidates are added to our database after they have been interviewed and verified to put forward for our clients.
We look for candidates with the skills and experience you need.  Along with some good old fashioned employee traits such as reliability and willingness to follow direction, we also look for candidates who are confident and self-reliant in their skill set.
As we can’t always know the strands of an organisation’s collective DNA, we use our 20+ years of experience in recruiting and onboarding people into Shergroup, to anticipate what you need from a new team member.
In looking at any skill set you can add or take away from the skills set out in this model profile to build your own version of this particular role. We will help you develop this into the particular set of skills and experience you need.

Model Work Experience |
3-4 years’ experience in SEO and SEM, content strategy, brand visibility, User Engagement, PPC campaigns, Google AdWords and Email marketing.

Model Skill Set |

Wider Skill Set |

Covering a wide range of digital marketing tasks relating to Search Engine Optimization including |

  • Defining your website structure to build a search engine friendly website
  • Implementing the company’s SEO plans and create a road map for accomplishments
  • Monitoring effectiveness in terms of SEO and marketing programmes in terms of traffic
  • Optimizing keyword use and effectiveness
  • Troubleshooting poor rankings and developing improvements strategies
  • Utilizing keyword research tools to track progress and performance
  • Preparing comprehensive strategy updates, reports and forecasts
  • Creating presentations to convey strategies, results, and goals to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Development of on-site body content, meta descriptions and titles in support of SEO strategies
  • Designing Templates for the content management system to promote SEO and conversing best practices and efficient use of the HTML tags
  • Increasing relevant click-through and conversion rates by 35% through contests and campaigns
  • Working productively with clients and staff to establish project scopes
  • Staying updated on evolving SEO trends, practices and guidelines.
  • Maintaining records of daily, weekly and monthly reports for traffic and keyword performance
  • Generation and analysis of traffic report using Google Analytics tool of the used keywords and measure off-page optimization strategies
  • Working closely with the marketing team to develop a new social media strategy, replacing overt sales pitches with a focus on engagement and customer care
  • Revamping PPC advertising and removing under-performing or costly ads and running tests to optimize results

Experience in These MS Office Tools |

  • Works across all products within the MS Office 365 suite including MS Word | MS Excel | MS PowerPoint

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SEO Expert

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