Transparent Protective Mask Full Face Shield

PRODUCT INFO | Use this product as part of your COVID secure measures, It is discovered that the virus Covid-19 or Coronavirus is usually transmitted through respiratory droplets from one to another. The death rate is rising at a fast pace which makes it even hair-raising everyplace.


It must be an uttermost responsibility of a being to keep well for his own life and those around him, the transmission of the infection has been proved so hazardous that it has already affected more than 218 countries and territories around the globe and 2 international conveyances as well. Whereas the use of the right equipment and products can keep you safe enough to let the pandemic pass and still not touch you in any case.


Thus, now we are offering Transparent Protective Full-Face Mask Shield. Targeting at the dismissal of the transmission, the full face-face mask is curated keeping in check of all the safety measures majorly:

  • Breathable: Unlike masks because of no direct contact to your skin, breathing becomes easier and still protective, the droplets of an infected or affected person shall not reach you because of the reliable protective layer of the shield and is easily wearable.
  • Comfortable and effective: Suitable for extended wear because of the adjustable and elastic headband, it is reusable and is effective enough to protect your face as it is easy to clean.
  • Efficient fit: It fits heads of all circumference, shape and size quite well and can be used by any and everyone. From kids to adults, it is accessible to all.
  • Prevents fogging: It does prevent fogging from both the sides because of the shape so your daily needs are fulfilled of eating or drinking without any worry to take it off among people.
  • Long time wear: One can wear it for quite long because of the soft foam attached and is skin-friendly which does not bother you or harm the skin.

Transparent Protective Mask Full Face Shield

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