Xtreme Cleaning

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service to get your land or property back into the state you need it to be.  We offer a spectrum of services dealing with the truly grotty through to the dangerous and hazardous which is why we call this product “Xtreme Cleaning”.


Throughout its history, Shergroup has been recovering possession of land and property through Writs of Possession issued out of the High Court.


In the last 25 years, it has added services to its fundamental role as an enforcement agency.  Today Shergroup can recover possession of land, secure it, and then clean and sanitize it so it can be returned to its owners with all the mucky stuff done and dusted. 


In developing our property and security services we have been asked to provided services to clear every type of property thing in the form of protest camps, squats and dis-used commercial property. 


In our travels, we have managed the safe disposal of dangerous substances, drug paraphernalia, and human excrement. 


Our specialist teams work with property management teams, housing association professionals, and local government officers to examine the problem, assess the risk, and then make the arrangements to clean up. 


We will clean piles of rubbish, fly-tipped waste, old mattresses, pallets, and hoarded possessions.  We can handle sharps through to human waste – which is occasionally tipped over us in the performance of our High Court duties.


From stinky kitchens to compost toilets on a protest site, there is nothing our specialist teams won’t touch – however unsanitary. 


Waste is assessed for risk and then cleared professionally and in strict compliance with safety regulations. Clinical waste is disposed of by licensed incinerators and in accordance with Environment Agency standards. 


Contact our Business Solutions team and outline the problem you are facing, and we will organise for the site to be assessed and a full plan put together to get the mess cleared up. 

Xtreme Cleaning

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