Your Peace of Mind

PRODUCT INFO | Use this service as a business owner, manager or team member who wants to improve your focus and your mental health inside and outside work.  Perhaps your will power or confidence needs a boost.


Maybe you want a life that is balanced and free from limiting beliefs?  And in these challenging times, it may be that anxiety has dampened your passion for the life you want, along with your self-esteem?


Running a business, keeping up with colleagues, earning a crust can all take their toll on how you are feeling. At Shergroup we understand these feelings and we want to offer you as a member of our community a way through these challenging times – now and in the future.  As a famous quote of Jim Rohn reminds us "Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change".


Shergroup thinks these are real issues for people in work. As part of our set of Health + Wealth solutions, we are able to connect you to Wendi McLean, founder of the Mind Place. Wendi has worked with clients on a 1 to 1 basis and in small groups, to help people be the people they were meant to be. As she says herself, there is no magic, you have everything you need within you, just somewhere along with the line things have got misaligned, with some of those positive beliefs you once had, now covered by negative experiences.


With skilled questioning, NLP techniques and hypnotherapy Wendi can help you identify all those feelings, thoughts and emotions that are getting in the way of you having the future and outcomes that you want.

As our CEO, Claire Sandbrook, says about this addition to our Minding Your Business approach, “You can spend 40 years or more at work, and we are now recognising that this has to be a positive dimension to your life.


But you may not have any way to share your anxiety or concerns, and we want to give members of our community a professional and responsible way to vent these concerns.  Partnering with Wendi enables us to put a member of our community into a good place, and we are proud to promote her services to you”. 


Wendi Mclean is a Certified Coach, Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Timeline Therapist working primarily with clients who want to make positive changes to their life. Specialising in Mindset, Confidence, Self-Belief, and Breakthrough Therapy.  She has have spoken at events about the ‘power of the mind’ and ‘the journey through the menopause’ as well as crossing the globe with her lectures and training. 


You can get in touch with Wendi for your FREE 30 min insight call to discover how she can help you improve an aspect of your life by filling in your details and submitting these to us. 


For every consultation booked with Wendi we will donate £10 to The Sherbet Foundation which is a registered charity created by Shergroup to support people in debt. 

Your Peace of Mind

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