The Telegraph, has chosen a selection of high growth business entrepreneurs, angel investors and private equity firms as part of the Connecting for Growth campaign, which is putting a spotlight on some of the world’s most promising business ideas. Each company has been carefully identified as the leader in their respective industry and thought to be on the cusp of explosive growth.

Shergroup, having started in 1780, has broken all the traditional rules of business, never allowing themsleves to be pigeon-holded. Now as we approach the start of the new decade, they are once again showing that to be successful you need to disrupt and not follow the norm.

“Isn’t it better to lead that disruption rather than having forced on you?” says Claire Sandbrook, CEO.

Shergroup has made a name for itself by helping businesses enforce all kinds of court judgments and claims – but now it is digging deeper into what really challenges businesses.

How to leverage data transparency to disrupt an industry steeped in history

Shergroup has been a pioneer in the enforcement of court judgments since 1780, but its future growth lies in offering a broader range of business-critical services that helps clients protect their money and their land.

This is a company at the forefront of the digital transformation of the security and enforcement industry, and its ongoing investment in technology means it is perfectly placed to solve problems and challenges that can threaten a business’s very existence. These include protecting property and tackling cash-flow concerns caused by the late payment of invoices.

Yet Shergroup has a much wider range of services these days, including specialist recruitment, digital marketing services, as well as the bread-and-butter work of debt recovery and security. All of these are delivered via an online platform called Sherpa, which provides clients with a transparent help package. For example, businesses can measure their performance then share this directly with clients to show that they are delivering results.

“The two biggest worries for business owners are cashflow and sales, and we work alongside affiliates and expert partners,” says Shergroup chief executive and qualified lawyer Claire Sandbrook. “We are now offering companies around the world a box of business-critical facilities. Other services include sales training, marketing support and business insurance. We hope to eventually launch a Shergroup credit card.”


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