For some of our readers, the “Sheriffs Lodgment Centre” will be a familiar name.  It was the first centre in the UK to offer a centralized transfer service for judgments within England and Wales.  So, it came on our radar today partly as we are celebrating 20 years of operating a transfer service here in Shergroup, but also because 50% of the original workforce are now over 55 years old and an article about recruiting women over 55 caught our eye! (see

Of course, none of us in Shergroup who are over the age of 55 feel we are that old even though the enforcement of judgments has given us a few grey hairs over the years!  55 is the new 35 as far as we are concerned.  Our CEO has always supported the idea that giving up work at the official retirement age is neither necessary or frankly healthy.  As we all know people want to keep earning a wage to support their lifestyles.  They can supplement their pensions with income earned from a full or part time role and may be able to combine this with #smartworking, by being home based.  If people want to carry on working, in a role they enjoy, we fully support that.

In our own team everyone works from home or a hub close to home.  No long commutes, and no stress about getting to the desk on time.  We are able to provide a core customer service between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm in our various territories and after hours our web chat provides a way to communicate when our virtual reception is offline.  This works a treat in the UK and US, so we are now a 24 x 7 consultancy.

So here are a couple of ideas as a result of our experience in building a sustainable business.  Firstly, if you have a judgment that you want to enforce then send it to our team of over 55’s who have the experience, maturity and confidence to be able to help you on what you need to do and give you a friendly and efficient service.  Secondly if you are looking for your next role and are over 55 our recruitment division would love to add you to our growing database of candidates.  And finally, if you are looking for new team members and are open to working with colleagues of any age, again we would love to hear from you.  People over 55 have so much to offer in terms of work ethic, experience, maturity and attention to detail.  Join us in supporting people who want to carry on working whatever their situation – as long as they can do the job – that’s all that counts!

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