Introducing ‘Shergroup on the Sofa’ inviting conversation from the great and the good, giving us a platform to talk about business in the new decade!

Kicking off our first episode with Claire Sandbrook, is Morgan Sheldon, Shergroup’s Training and Compliance Manager and Delroy Anglin from the hit TV show, ‘Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away’

Any steps to make enforcement more inclusive, more open and more clear to the man in the street are of huge benefit to the industry as a whole.

The TV programs, ‘The Sherrifs Are Coming’ and ‘Can’t Pay, We’ll Take It Away’  were groundbreaking and many people who had no knowledge of enforcement now have a very real understanding of how it works from either side of the coin.  For many, ‘Can’t Pay’ became a firm favourite!

If enforcement agents are recruited who are female , or are from different ethnic groups, this can only be considered progress and will most certainly improve the perception of enforcement agents and lead to greater understanding of the enforcement industry as a whole. Our officers can often be the first to uncover extreme poverty or extreme vulnerability, so anything that can showcase the compassion of the officer we believe will also benefit relationships with both debtors and those instructing agents, as a whole.

“…essentially your fundamental business is based on TRUST, it’s about getting things done, it’s about deliverables, and then what you’re doing is building on that and expanding the solutions to businesses. Giving it the Shergroup stamp of trust and authority and that’s the really powerful tool!

Annelies James

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