Paul Bohill talks to us about how kindness and compassion is essential in the enforcement industry.

In episode 3 of ‘Shergroup on the Sofa’ Claire Sandbrook, is delighted to welcome Paul Bohill to the sofa, to discuss how kindness and compassion underpin the work of every Enforcement Agent.

The men and women who staff enforcement services are good guys, they need to be acknowledged for the acts of kindness and bravery that they carry out everyday! Claire shares many examples of how these agents are naturally inclined to help, these agents see things that no GP, no social worker, no teacher, has ever seen in relation to a family’s poverty or the treatment of children.

These agents are seeing the reality of Britian today.

Sometimes the only person who these people are able to talk to are the Enforcement Agent when they are there on their doorstep.

“…essentially your fundamental business is based on TRUST, it’s about getting things done, it’s about deliverables, and then what you’re doing is building on that and expanding the solutions to businesses. Giving it the Shergroup stamp of trust and authority and that’s the really powerful tool!

Annelies James

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