As our regular readers know, our CEO is a big fan of the Telegraph (for our US readers think New York Times), so this article caught her eye today – and of course its right in tune with one of our service lines out of the UK – the ability to find people who do a “moonlight flit”!

As collection, legal and enforcement experts we see this scenario every week at Shergroup and so we wanted to put a bit more meat on the flesh of the answer given in the Telegraph piece.

Firstly we trace people so if you want to find someone they usually leave a “footprint” in their credit file – and this leads us to their current or last address –this is the way people are found.

Secondly if we are able to find someone, then it means we can follow up with a collection process of a letter, phone calls and eventually a claim.  Or you can do a claim yourself by using the incredibly simple Money Claim service (see  Use the address you have found from the trace result as the debtor’s address and complete the pages as if you were buying a food mixer on Amazon!

Once you have issued your claim, you may well proceed to judgment against your erstwhile tenant without much opposition, so they end up with a CCJ against them.  Yes, it will muck up their credit score, but that in itself won’t get you your money.  You may well have to take another step and invest a few more pennies to see your cash returned.   This is where we can step in and help you.  Unlike the rather limp response given by the Telegraph’s Property Doctor, we suggest you send us a copy of the judgment and let’s see if its worth investing another £156 to transfer your judgment to the High Court.

We can transfer and use High Court Enforcements Agents to knock on the door, or we can consider another method of enforcement but one way or another you are going to get RESOLUTION!

If you would like to use a decisive and friendly team to solve your dilemma then speak to one of our experienced TEAM.

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